The TSU-21PNEM is a 1-Amp digital sound decoder with six function outputs designed for easy plug-in operation when mated to a 21-pin NEM connector.

MSRP $109.95 US
P.N. Description Sound Selection Reference
884008 TSU-21PNEM Steam Steam Sounds
885009 TSU-21PNEM EMD Diesels EMD Diesels Sounds
885010 TSU-21PNEM GE Diesels GE Diesels Sounds
885011 TSU-21PNEM ALCO Diesels ALCO Diesels Sounds
885012 TSU-21PNEM Baldwin & Other Diesels Baldwin & Other Diesels Sounds
886003 TSU-21PNEM Electric Locomotives Electric Sounds

Dimensions:30.5 x 15.5 x 6.5mm

Max. Motor Stall Current:1A

Max. Function Current:100mA (each output)

Function Outputs:6

Audio Amplifier:2 Watts, 8-Ohm Load

DCC Track Voltage:7.5V – 22V