58821 LokSound 5 DCC Direct

MSRP: $119.99 US

Dispatcher’s Price 135.00 CDN

Having trouble trying to decide what decoder will fit in your favorite engine? Now with the NEW LokSound Select Direct Decoder your troubles are over! The Select Direct was designed to fit as a DIRECT replacement for many modern lighting boards including Athearn Genesis, Atlas, Bowser-Stewart, and Intermountain.

The LokSound Select Direct is a versatile DCC & DC “Dual Mode” decoder integrating a full-featured, 8 channel sound system, six lighting outputs and a 1.1A motor controller. While the LokSound Select only measures (0.67×2.72inch/17x69mm), due to its unique thermal design, it (like all genuine LokSound decoders)  does not need any heat sinks.